Sedona Group Acupuncture

 What is Community Clinic?


It is acupuncture offered in a small group setting- usually 1-3 people. Because of the setting and low cost limited modalities are available. Moxa, massage, cupping are not currently offered in this setting. However acupuncture alone can often achieve amazing results.








We offer a sliding scale of $25-45 to make the cost affordable & service available to many. Pay whatever works for you; no income verification is required. Just decide at each treatment what you can afford.

If your condition is more serious, needs herbal intervention, or other modalities, or you are not seeing the results you want in group acupuncture please consider a one on one, more personalized treatment.

Welcome to our 2 new Group Clinic Acupuncturists!

As many of you know, I will be relocating to Seaside, Oregon! Yes, I am opening a group clinic there! SO, come by when you’re in the neighborhood!

I am pleased to announce that I have found 2 amazing Acupuncturists who are committed to keeping Group Acupuncture alive and thriving in Sedona!

They both have experience doing group clinics! yay!

They will starting the week of Oct. 23rd.

Anita Pietrofitta, DAOM, L.Ac. 480. 510.7186- Anita comes to us from Mayo Clinic in Phoenix where she works 3 days a week. She is starting to practice acupuncture in Sedona now, and is very excited to be able to practice in our Group Clinic!

Book with Anita-






Adam DaVirro, L.Ac., 928.310.8919. Adam has been practicing in Sedona for over 7 years. He went to Yo San University in Santa Monica, CA. He specializes in pain management, immune and auto-immune conditions but can treat most anything!

Please call Adam to schedule your group clinic appt. at his office!

We are sorry to see Kimberly go! But please contact her if you would like to see her at her office! 629.587.1779




 44 Stutz Bearcat Drive in the Blauert Building.






To schedule a group acupuncture session, please sign up below. If the time you are trying to book will not open, it means it is not available!          


If it is not open, either it is full or we are not in the office. You may text or call (we often can answer a text, not usually a call) to make sure. Sometimes even if it’s full, we may be able to squeeze you in!

When you arrive, please have a seat in the main lobby. If we do not come out to see you in 10 minutes, please come on back & let us know you’re here.

Arriving early can often speed up your wait time and therefore your departure time!And it usually helps me out too. 

We have been having a slight noise problem (Ahh, the joys of a shared office building!!)

So, we are going to try and keep the door shut during the sessions. You may peek in and let us know you’re here if we have not come out.

Yep, you may still have to wait a few minutes. There always is the ebb and flow of things…

And, yes, you can still come a tad before or after your scheduled time!

 If nothing shows up for the day you are looking for, it means we are full. 

We also would like to discuss our policy regarding closing clinic.                                                                  If no one has booked 1-2 hours before the start of clinic, we usually close it. 

Booking ahead, if possible, will keep us open!

The easiest way to cancel or reschedule your appointment is the save the confirmation email you were sent and go in that way!

We accept checks, cash and credit cards. Just please make checks out to the practitioner who treats you.

Group bookings–friends & familyIf you would like to have a session with your friend, spouse, etc, please book an appt. for each person. Each booking reserves a table.

If there are 3 of you that want to come together , I only have 2 tables per half hour slot, but I do have a zero gravity lounge chair in the back room that can be used during the same time slot. Please do book a spot for the third person, though it will be a time before or after the other 2 of you.

And please, do come early for your time slot so we can get your party needled on time!

Anita Pietrofetta, L.Ac. DOAM,  will be doing a  group clinics starting  Oct. 23. She will be working out of the Stutz Bearcat location!! 480.510.7186

Schedule for Anita below.

Adam DiVarro, L.Ac. will be doing group clinics. please call or text him at 928.310.8919. HE IS WORKING AT HIS OFFICE-2940 Southwest Dr. Ste. 3, West Sedona.