Kids love acupuncture! WATCH THIS VIDEO to see why.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are valuable tools for treating babies, adults and teens. Because my technique is so gentle, most children have a good experience getting a treatment. Generally, the younger the child, the less needles and the less time the needles are left in, but I work with each child individually. The child always has a say over their own body and I never force any modality. We call the acupuncture needles “attennas” to help distingush between this gentle form of health care and other more invasive and painful procedures like getting shots or having blood drawn. Most childhood conditions respond favorably to treatments, including allergies, asthma, gastro-intestinal problems ans ezcema. Sometimes Herbal Medicine is also necessary to establish wellness. I use only completely certified herbs for safety, potency and quality assurance. Please visit the Herbal Medicine Section of my website for further information. See what it’s like to get acupuncture when you’re a kid:


Fees for kids: $30-60, based on ability to pay (of the folks!) Excluding the cost of any necessary herbs.  Herbs are usually in a liquid tincture, and are about $18 for a 10-30 day supply, depending on usage and weight of the child.