“I first visited Katharine 4 years ago when I moved to Sedona. My complaint was severe, debilitating Migraines. I had been to every kind of medical professional- family practice, internal medicine and Neurology Physicians. They prescribed more and more medication- none of which helped me. I was in despair and getting sicker and sicker. A friend recommended I try Katharine. I saw her weekly in the beginning and then bi-weekly and now about once a month just to maintain. She was a miracle worker! I used her herbs and the acupuncture treatments to transform my life. I feel so much better and rarely get migraines. She is extremely professional and very kind. I would recommend her to anyone and I really can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She not only does her job but always goes above and beyond , finding products on the internet that might help you, etc.”

Leslie S.
Sedona Resident

“Katharine Stewart has changed my life. From day one when I met her in Sedona to now when she visits Mesa I always feel better — mentally and physically — after her visits. She takes comprehensive notes, tracks your progress or changes and can offer advice on nutrition, habits, lifestyle and more in additional to an excellent massage with Acupuncture.

I highly recommend Katharine if you want relief. If you would like more info contact me at 1-888-659-0555. “

Kay W.

“I had suffered from migraine headaches and allergies my entire life. My doctors had tried every prescription drug on the market but it only masked my symptoms. Then I met Katharine Stewart. After only a few weeks of acupuncture and herbs, my headaches and allergies all but vanished. I have not experienced a migraine in four years, and I no longer take any medication for headaches or allergies. I’m a convert, and I have recommended Katharine to numerous friends and colleagues. She’s made a major impact on my physical well-being.”

Daniel M.

“I am completely terrified of needles – a simple blood test leads to fainting and even seizures. So it was with trepidation that I decided to try acupuncture, but it has been an incredible experience. The needles cause me no pain whatsoever, and I don’t even feel light-headed when I watch Katharine at work. It’s actually quite relaxing. She has helped me combat carpal tunnel syndrome, allergies and stress. Nowadays, I make an appointment with Katharine before I even consider my primary care physician.”

Erika F.

“I would not and do not trust anyone (doctor or otherwise) with my children’t health like I do Kate Stewart. Taking full responsibility for keeping all 5 of them healthy, I find that acupuncture is an absolute must. Kate has successfully treated asthma and allergies, eczema and greatly strengthened my children’s immune systems. The combination of treatment and herbs are invaluable, and last winter we experienced barely more than a cold!

In addition, Kate is just such a wonderful person and the kids love her. They wouldn’t trust just anyone to be putting needles in their backs! I love that they don’t have fear around those that help keep them healthy, and it’s great that they get excited to see Kate and hop up on her table. I recommend Kate to almost anyone that is open to alternative health care, and especially those with kids. I’m not sure that most people know that kids can get acupuncture, and that in combination with a healthy lifestyle, help forego most mainstream medical care. I am always thrilled to tell people about Kate and the wonderful care we receive from her.”

Maryn Leister

“Katharine’s vast knowledge of acupuncture, her clear understanding of what the the body needs, her insight concerning the whole picture and the depth of her compassion make her an excellent and exceptionally gifted practitioner. I trust her totally which, for me, is a necessary component of a health care relationship. Simply put, Katharine is a treasure!”

Leslee V.