Welcoming the year of the Rooster!

I am glad to be rid of that pesky Monkey! Not that I am totally into Chinese Astrology, but it is kind of fun to see what the year may hold, and also think about what last year was about.

For me, I had a very difficult time caring for my sick mother, and being with her as she passed over. I was so grateful for the opportunity to be able to do it, but nonetheless, it took a toll for sure. It also brought a little miracle of a re-uniting some family members during her illness, and I am grateful for that. I guess the Yin and the Yang of things…


I like to reflect on what is important to me now, and for this year. It’s not about resolutions, per se (and they usually don’t work!), but rather about taking time for reflection and direction, or re-direction in some cases.

I am focused on truly taking the time and space to go inside and connect with that Great- Whatever You- Want-To- Call- IT, and live each day in connection with that stillness, peace and power.

I hope you can find time to reflect on what really matters for you, and live connected to that.

I found a great App too, well, My friend Maryn, told me about it–it’s free too–Try Insight Timer for some pretty cool meditations. I find that a great tool.

I also made some pretty great new recipes, with help from Elanaspantry.com that I will be sharing soon-my recipe section is out of order right now, but trying to fix it!

Happy New Year!